Rented Accommodation - Housing Associations

If your stay in the Borders is likely to be long-term, you can also try to get accommodation through local housing associations, which are also known as registered social landlords (RSLs). RSLs provide a range of Social rented accommodation, which aims to provide affordable homes for people in housing need.

Berwickshire Housing Association, Eildon Housing Association and Waverley Housing; three major Housing Associations in the Borders, together with Cairn Housing Association, a national housing provider and Scottish Borders Council, have introduced Borders Choice Homes using the "homehunt choice based lettings package" - this makes applying for housing with these housing providers easier. For further information visit:

or alternatively visit the local housing office at:

Berwickshire Housing Association

6 Victoria Street, COLDSTREAM. Tel: 01890 883600      

55 Newtown Street, DUNS, Tel: 01361 883115

26 High Street, EYEMOUTH, Tel: 01890 750888

Alternatively you can visit: for further information.


Cairn Housing Association

43 London Street, EDINBURGH,   Tel: 0131 556 4511                       

Alternatively you can visit:  for further information.


Eildon Housing Association

The Weaving Shed, Selkirk, Tel: 01750 725 900                            

Alternatively you can visit: for further information.


Waverley Housing

27 North Bridge Street, HAWICK, Tel: 01450 364200                          

Alternatively you can visit: for further information.    


Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA)

Scottish Borders Housing Association is the other leading provider of affordable housing in the Borders.

To apply for housing with SBHA you need to complete a short application form. This is available online, or from one of the local offices at:

2-6 Church Street, GALASHIELS,   Tel: 01896 662870.                          

West Port, HAWICK,   Tel: 01450 360650                                           

9 Kingsland Square, PEEBLES, Tel: 01721 729140

Alternatively, you can visit for further information.    

Scottish Housing Options (SHOP)

SHOP is a national common housing register developed by Bield, Hanover (Scotland) and trust Housing Associations. Their aim is to make applying for sheltered housing as simple as possible.

Bield Housing Association 0131 273 4000

Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association 0131 557 7404

Trust Housing Association 0131 444 1200


Scottish Borders Council, Council Headquarters
Newtown St Boswells, Melrose
Roxburghshire, Scotland, TD6 OSA